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Parley No Marks Anti Marks Cream with Fruit Extracts


AED 15

This dry iron removes the toughest of wrinkles with ease and lends a crisp laundry like finish to your clothes
It is really light and therefore easy to maneuver the centrally placed swivel cord further enables operation with both the right as well as the left hand Very Compact Iron It Features Quick Heat Technology that Heats it in Just few Seconds This Small Iron Features an Extra Long Power Cord that Conveniently Wraps  Clips Around the Iron Handle It has an Innovative Design

A herbal Anti Wrinkle Cream cream Instant Lift Solution  Anti Aging Skin Care In the world researches have proved that avocado has rich minerals and vitamins which are beneficial for skin. Vitamins A B D Magnesium Copper Iron Amino Acid and Folic Acid are extremely essential for the skin as they penetrate to the bottom layer of skin Fatty acid balanced the moisture in the skin and make it fairer moisturized glowing and attractive Steroline which known to reduce the appearance to aging and to provide relief from sun damage College maintains the structure and elasticity of the skin and regenerates it which gives you beautiful, glowing skin with the guarantee of Parley Note Dont massage the cream If your skin is sensitive and use of cream makes rashes or itching stop using and continue it after some days

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